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You must resubmit your updated address during EDULINX On-Line Services Hours of Service .

To protect your privacy, EDULINX will not share any information you submit without your consent.

You can print a form from this site to complete and provide us with new bank account information. How can I make sure my information is secure once I’ve left EDULINX On-Line Services?

If you leave your computer on after completing your information changes with EDULINX On–Line Services, be sure to sign out, clear the cache and close and re–open the browser to eliminate copies of Web page(s) that may have been stored on your computer’s hard drive.

In order to ensure that only you are granted on-line access to your Prince Edward Island Student Loan information, EDULINX requires that you verify your identity by confirming your full name, Social Insurance Number (SIN), date of birth, and Prince Edward Island Student Loan Number.