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You will find them all and some on My Bed or Yours. Because music is really part of my life and i can't do without listening to music in a day.

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Being single shouldn't mean you need to go without our most cardinal pleasures. Most my friends would and do call me a dag - "hopefully" based on my sense of humour and somewhat warped way of interpreting everyday life.

) is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese, and off the coast of Asia Minor, from which it is separated by the 1.6-kilometre (1.0 mi)-wide Mycale Strait.

It is also a separate regional unit of the North Aegean region, and the only municipality of the regional unit.

The island's population is 33,814, which is the 9th most populous of the Greek islands.