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Tahj Mowry and Omar Gooding are the only cast members not to appear in every episode (which in the case of Mowry is quite unusual for the lead actor for a television series to not appear in all episodes).

The season three opening titles were made to resemble a music video (the sequence was choreographed by Russell Clark).

Three months after Smart Guy was canceled on The WB, reruns began airing on The Disney Channel from September 1999 and continued to air until Fall 2003, and again in a "Back to School" themed marathon in September 2004.

The kitchen set was scaled back as well with the back stairs that lead to the bedrooms removed.

The layout changed again in season three with the kitchen remaining the same, but the living room layout changes including the front door now located at stage left. J.'s bedroom is the only set to remain the same during the course of the entire series. The four main sets seen in the show are the classroom, the hallway, the cafeteria and the auditorium.

He is also the lead vocalist for the band which he created, Mackadocious, in which his best friend Mo is the bassist and T. She is also the editor of the school newspaper, The Penguin (a position that is the partial basis of "Stop the Presses", in which T. decides to start his own newspaper – The Weekly Veritas, which he abruptly switches from a hard news to a tabloid publication upon the advice of Marcus and Mo due to flagging sales – after he becomes dissatisfied with repeatedly assigned by Yvette to write puff pieces). After being rejected from Princeton University, Yvette planned to stay in Washington, D. to attend Georgetown University as the series ends.