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Many of the suggestions develop and weave together ideas discussed in her previous books.

is the fifth book in the Living in a Magical World series.

She shows how these guardians have long been thought to have a 'potency' or 'luck'.

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By looking closely at ethnographical parallels together with recent 'Dark Age' scholarship Bob Trubshaw starts to strip away these more recent ideas.

This begins to reveal how pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons might have thought about the differences between souls and spirits – and the similarities of spirits and deities. More especially, this study aims to establish what the meaning and significance of these carvings might have been, based in large part on evidence from early Christian stone crosses.

shows how such traditional ways of thinking and doing are of benefit in the modern Western world.

Beatrice Walditch mostly explores the ancestors of England, although also shows how similar ideas and concepts are found elsewhere in Britain and beyond.

These books will challenge you to recognise the traditional magic still alive in modern society, and empower you with a variety of skills and insights. a book to recommend to those who are newly interested in our ancient places, and with some interesting suggestions for those who have been to many sites already, and who may be in need of finding ways to enlarge their experiences." Ros Briagha Northern Earth Considerable new scholarship in recent decades has shed much light on Anglo-Saxon England.