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Patterson John Stuart A ballistics expert traces the killer of a widow's fiance. Lewis directed by Ken Hughes Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Peter Arne ............. [15] Scotland Yard: WALL OF DEATH (30 min) UK release date March 1956 BFC no. Snowden story by Judith Warden written and directed by Montgomery Tully Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Cyril Chamberlain ...... [TH] [02] Scotland Yard: THE MISSING MAN (30 min) (verified on film) a.k.a. The pools winner becomes very drunk and the salesman takes him home and murders him. Gypsy featuring: Lloyd Lamble, John Brooking, Ernest Borrow Bart Allison, Charles Rolfe An Inspector exposes an amnesiac as a blackmailer who killed the woman who jailed him.

Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Jack Lambert ......... [TH] [05] Scotland Yard: THE DARK STAIRWAY (32 min)(verified ob film) _aka_The Greek Street Murder Copyright 1953, UK Release March 1954, BFC no. Snowden Written and Directed by Ken Hughes photography by J. Burgoyne-Johnson & Ron Bicker film edited by Derek Holding Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Russell Napier ......... When questioned by the police the old man becomes frightened until his friend comes to the station. [07] Scotland Yard: FATAL JOURNEY (30 min) (verified on film) aka_The Case of Norma Preston Copyright 1954, UK release date Aug54 BFC no. Snowden written by James Eastwood Directed by Paul Gherzo (aka_Paul Dickson/aka_Paul Gerrard) photography by A. Dinsdale & John Reid film edited by Geoffrey Muller Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Gordon Bell .............

Inspector Harmer (verified - NOT Inspector Duggan, his character in later episodes) Vincent Ball ........... The Inspector holds an identity parade and the murderer is picked out by the smell of his after shave.

And, because they are a family, there are many corny moments in the movie, but the comics too have those moments, then you just have to "let it go", to really enjoy the story.

Overall, it's a very decent movie about very decent people.

When he directed an episode of "Colonel March of Scotland Yard" and three episodes of the Edgar Lustgarten "Scotland Yard" theatrical series he was billed as Paul Gherzo. Henley’s assistant featuring: Bartlett Mullins, Eddie Malin Geoffrey Bewian, Eric Evans, Humphry Morton, Bruce Bebe Synopsis: A 1941 air raid uncovered a firewatchers strangled wife.