Dating a man who is married but separated

Thank you so much for your answers and opinions (men's welcome)! There are clearly trust issues between you that need sorting out.

You are aware of a number of red flags that need addressing.

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Dating a man who is married but separated

It doesn't mean he will leave his wife and family though. If he's actually separated, WTF does his reaction now mean?

Why did he undertake such huge efforts just for sex (I'm not an extremely good-looking woman...)Maybe he needed to boost his ego? Is he running away just because of one bad evening? Or is he really concerned about me and wants to stay away because he knows if we'd see each other again he couldn't uphold his decision?

) kids, me always coming second to his kids, lonely christmas and weekends etc.), in return, he's not even willing to spend more nights at my place to make me believe he's actually separated.

On the other hand, he is the cutest guy you can imagine.

He kisses me in the public and holds my hand, so shouldn't he be afraid of being seen with me if he's still with his wife? Well, I know, I'm desperately looking for evidence that he's actually separated because that's how I want it to be... Reading your description was like reading my own story in many ways.