dating sites numbers - Dating a man in the army

One of the most impressive aspects of dating a military officer is that he still knows how to treat a lady in a way that makes her feel special.

He still holds the door open for you when you walk into a building, he still calls your mother “ma’am,?

If you’re dating an upstanding military officer, we bet that you have your share of fun stories, crazy stories, and stories that hit you in the feelings.

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He won’t skip over asking your father for your hand in marriage, either.

Tradition is a part of him, so anything less would feel wrong.

Suddenly, you’re part of a community that has its own culture and your time becomes both more and less valuable, depending on the circumstances.

You can go to extravagant balls, take part in milestone celebrations, and move to places you never thought you’d live.

What we mean is that he values his commitments and, since the military often determines how he spends his time, he takes advantage of opportunities to follow through on his promises when he doesn’t have duty getting in the way.