Dating a gemini cancer cusp woman Americanmilf chat

It's quite understandable if you find yourself in a tizzy, because you can't seem to figure out whether the Taurus woman in your life is actually into you or simply being polite.

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The reason I use the word 'lend' is because, even the slightest act of betrayal can trigger her to cut off ties and never look back again.

The Taurian woman is so bullheaded and stubborn that she will never let anyone see her in a vulnerable state, no matter how much it hurts her.

She being less expressive is naturally attracted to men who are more open, and able to get her out of her shell.

Therefore, notice if the Taurus woman finds ways to initiate small conversations with you.

A Taurean woman is hard to please, and she believes, nothing achieved easily is worth it.