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With time, you can go on dates (once you've unlocked their willingness to date you! Dungeoncrawls, also of course, require money, to buy better equipment, healing, and so on! ) has shown you can create a CYOA in boardgame form, with the decision tree expressed by a deck of cards (you add more cards to the deck as storylines are "unlocked").), have part-time jobs (to make money to buy those gifts! In a dating sim boardgame, the deck might start out with acquaintance-level events.She is trying to impress her husband again just like their first date!

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I was researching them because I've been working on one for two years!

If you're interested I can hit you up with some info, haha The amusing part is that, iirc, many dating sims have CYOA mechanics, which, of course, have been applied to dungeon crawls.

I'm not into the Anime Dating Sim thing, but I've been thinking recently that I REALLY wish there was a Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley equivalent board game.

Both of those games have marriage as an important aspect of the game.

), have part-time jobs (to make money to buy those gifts! Storyline games, where the game *story* state changes is a recent boardgame styles, since many of these games have low replay value. I say "was" b/c IIRC, they rethemed this with the original tightrope walking theme..