Dag siden dating jeg

Mand fra Aarhus Min kæreste og jeg fandt hinanden på Sindnet - nu er vi flyttet sammen.

Han har så slettet sin profil senere hen, men det var egentligt ret sjovt at vi skulle finde hinanden her inde, for vi boede stort set lige ved siden af hinanden - og nu bor vi sammen!

På væresteder ude i byen lærer jeg aldrig folk at kende privat, det er ironisk nok et mere et anonymt tilbud udenfor nettet end jeg føler det er på nettet.

Her på har jeg mødt mig en sød kæreste og jeg er blevet venner med flere som jeg mødes med privat udenfor Internettet.

Jeg ville ønske, at flere kunne prøve Sindnet og derefter muligvis få det samme ud af det, som jeg har fået og så mange andre.

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    O I perceive after all so many uttering tongues, And I perceive they do not come from the roofs of mouths for nothing.

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    Had swim bladder disease one day suddenly, got better within 2 hours, since then I keep him in shallow water, but this did not stop his bullying attitude. — smoky black with red tail half moon — he is baby, but flares, looks for fod in the bottom, rest over the tree, looks himself and flares also, active and playful. Active- food searcher and follows directions well, uses arch structure to play, even follow directions to go through it. — red female crowntail– active and hungry all the time, still a baby, wants attention. MARBLE– blue pink crowntail female baby- surviving 5 months — active and hungry– more introvert and shy than Roho. — Dark green halfmmon — makes nice halfmoon like Platinum, but had breeding issues, can’t see directly, bends and see, can’t chew or swallow or pick up foods. Now I have a sign on my desk introducing everyone to my little guy. They are females of course so nobody get too anxious about males being together.

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