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Another encouraged voluntary reports of practitioner misconduct to the Board by providing immunity for good faith reports and assuring confidentiality of any information concerning physician conduct provided to the Board pending the results of an inquiry. 45:9-19.7) and report out-of-state actions against their medical licenses. Inactive and Retired licensees pay no renewal fee and cannot practice medicine or prescribe.Both provisions were strengthened in 1989, upon the passage of the Professional Medical Conduct Reform Act of 1989. Licenses are renewed every two years, on odd years.The law required the Board to provide for registration and permits, and for the scope of practice of practitioners in training. Otherwise, once your license is placed in Suspended status, you will have to reinstate your license to Active status, even if you intend to place it in Inactive status.

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After the first renewal cycle though, in order to renew your license, you must attest to having earned the CME credits required each renewal cycle.

100 hours are required every two years, 40 of which must be in Category I, and 60 in Category I or II.

Since the late 1800's, a license has been required to practice medicine in New Jersey. In recent years legislative emphasis has pointed to the recognition that only through more and better information will the public be appropriately safeguarded. The Call Center handles approximately 65,000 callers each year, sharing their information and knowledge with consumers and licensees alike.

The Board, pursuant to the Medical Practice Act of 1894, was authorized to regulate the practice of medicine and surgery, including regulation of chiropractic. A number of issues affecting public protection and discipline have appeared in legislative pronouncements. Permit and License application reviewers prepare and review credentials for nearly 2500 applicants each year, issuing close to 1700 plenary licenses and 800 training permits.

The legislation created a new recommendatory body, denominated the Medical Practitioner Review Panel ("Panel"), intended to enhance the Board's ability to expeditiously react to reports of malpractice and adverse privilege actions taken by hospitals. Failure to report was made subject to disciplinary action. 45:9-16) In the mid 1990's, the Board was given responsibility to enforce two additional mandates. The notification is mailed 3-4 months before your license expires.