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If you are reading this electronically, click on the link Texas State Troops records to go to the full finding aids for that group.

Oversight of the 33 Brigades of the Texas State Troops plus the Frontier Regiment fell to this office, just as later Adjutants General would split their time between the Militia and the Rangers (whatever the prevailing terminology).

The manpower and supply demands of the Confederate States Army, often conflicting with the needs and desires of the State of Texas, would affect the entire period of the war.

Two other governmental entities were also involved in Texas during this time: Confederate officials, and Union troops.

These records include correspondence, military orders, monthly returns, records of the sick and wounded, reports of guards, morning reports, pay vouchers, reports and payrolls of hired persons, tax-in-kind records, and quartermaster records (contracts, vouchers, statements, estimates of funds required, receipts of public funds, and various abstracts).

Lee stands in the United States Capitol on August 17, 2017 in Washington, D. A nationwide debate is underway concerning the removal of statues, monuments and historical markers that memorialize the Confederacy. Photo by Pete Marovich/UPI A statue of Confederate General Albert Pike stands in Judiciary Square.