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Comedian, actress, and TV host Kate Quigley wanted to move to California after graduating from high school, but theater scholarship took her to Chicago instead. “I was so codependent, I was so used to having someone to help me with everything.

“It was to a guy I dated my senior year of high school,” she says. “So that’s what the bulk of my material is about,” she explains, “because that’s what my life is about: starting over at, like, age 30.” That’s turned out to be a lot harder than it sounds.

Q: What kinds of topics are making it into your standup act these days?

BAILEY: I have a bunch of bits in a row about my really stupid friend who says stupid things and can’t believe things that are very easy to believe.

The location that we got was very close to my house and it happened to be empty, so we got it really cheap.