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From what I've heard about TPTB over the years I can see them thinking that way.

pairing them up like that may be cute if none of them was in a relationship. oh and someone asked colton in twitter if he's gay or not and he said he's not. I heard she's been dating the same guy for three years?

Then Phillp fans will be upset with Colton booting Phillip off (the stage has already been set last night with Jimmy) and then Phillip's fans will vote for Joshua and Jessica over Colton and voila Jessica/Joshua finale. Or maybe they liked all the extra publicity Mc Laina got last year and want to recreate it. I thought she was 16 and the whole shipping thing was very creepy.

Maybe there is something to the theory that they're using the "ship" to try to soften her up. if that was their goal then they should've probably told skylar to shut up about her boyfriend so that it would be more believable and nigel wouldn't look so childish . Colton and Skylar are both shooting for that Bible Belt demographic, and perhaps sticking them in this situation is a way of trying to placate that audience. No Colton is not the epitome of masculinity, but IMO that's a good thing.

In today's society, the so-called most desirable males are often womanizers who party, drink, and curse.

Colton is probably gay, and the hunting and guns and confrontational style of performing mean that Skylar isn't exactly the epitome of femininity.

Pairing them together prevents them from losing support among voting blocs who get uncomfortable when gender roles aren't adhered to. Either way, the two of them have less chemistry than the Season 9 judging panel. I've seen people with actual chemistry on this show before but these two aren't it.

What if they're doing it to make sure their fanbases DON' T go to each other.