Cognos analyst updating references

Io T Devices or Applications can pass their data to Azure Event Hub, and Azure Event hub can be used as an input to Azure Stream Analytics (which is a data streaming Azure service).Then Azure stream analytics can pass the data from input based on queries to outputs. Select a resource group (or create if you don’t have one), and set a location.

Azure account can be created with a free trial 1 month of credit. NET application will be used as the source of the data.

Diagram below shows the architecture of this sample.

Click on Query item in the Stream Analytics main blade (as numbered 1 in above screenshot). Otherwise failure might be related to input, output, or the query. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I’ll be using a . Read Line(); First Line in the code reads the connection string from app.config.

Change the default query to; Notice that the query select everything from the input. NET C# console application to pass the data to Event Hub. Second line create an instance of Event Hub Client with the connection string. After the execution we expect Power BI to show something. Login to Power BI service with the account you have used in the Stream Analytics Authorization section.

NET application through Azure Event Hub, and Azure Stream Analytics to Power BI.