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“Moving forward it’s like anything, I interviewed in Detroit but it probably wasn't going to happen because of what happened to us as a staff.

And now I think more importantly than worrying about the Rooney Rule is trying to make sure I get my defense to play well because the other stuff will take care of itself in time.”One area Lewis specifically can help in that regard is guiding advice through the process.

Lewis went through years of being the hot candidate but not landing anywhere until the Bengals pegged him in 2003.

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As much as these friends dating back two decades would love for that to be the endgame of his tenure in Cincinnati, Austin made clear his fit with the Bengals was not about that selling point.“The biggest selling point is you have a chance to come work with a quality person,” Austin said. I can’t control that."When you have an opportunity to work with the good people, good players, good teams, you have to take that chance.

That’s what I was looking for more than, hey, I can go with Marvin and possibly become a head coach.

That’s not what I’m looking for.”The history of Hue Jackson, Mike Zimmer and Jay Gruden jumping from Bengals coordinator to head coach in the last five years, plus current Broncos head coach Vance Joseph only two seasons removed from a stint as Bengals defensive backs coach paves the path.

Many of those coordinators went through interviews like Austin, only to watch the job given to others.

'We worked closely with Louisville Zoo's gorilla staff to learn Mshindi's trained behaviors for body presentations and health exams to get familiar with his likes and dislikes,' Ron Evans, Curator of Primates at the zoo, told Fox 19.