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When the Vikings first arrived, their contacts must have been with the Dorset people, and therefore in the far north, occasional, and presumably not very significant for the settlements in the south.If someone did drive the Norse out of Greenland, it would have to have been the Thule people.

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Christian dating dorset

18-Sep-1754; Robert TUCKER blacksmith & Hannah RICHARDS 08-Dec-1754; Samuel CARTER cordwainer of Thorncombe & Elizabeth HOLMAN, by licence 20-Dec-1754; John LEAVES husbandman & Ann MITCHELL 10-Feb-1755; Isaac SHINNER butcher & Sarah WILLIS 11-Feb-1755; Samuel PITMAN cordwainer & Maria RAYMOND 22-Apr-1755; James GRANT husbandman & Joan WAKELY of Whitechurch 10-Jun-1755; John BROWN clothier of Chard & Martha STARK, by licence 11-Jun-1755; Thomas BENNET husbandman & Mary DUNNING 25-Jun-1755; William POWELL carpenter & Elizabeth JESS 07-Sep-1755; John PALMER cordwainer & Anne WHITE 20-Oct-1755; Henry ROCKITT widower & Anna CLAP widow 10-Dec-1755; George LEAVES husbandman & May SHAPCOTT of Wootton Fitz 21-Apr-1756; John SILLEY shereman & Mary BEVILL 27-Sep-1756; William WHITE husbandman & Hannah PALMER 27-Mar-1757; Richard ENNETT husbandman & Susanna ROCKETT 20-Jun-1757; John STOKES shereman & Joan BOWDITCH 29-Jun-1757; John CHICK butcher of Thorncombe & Ann BOWDITCH 30-Jun-1757; Richard SHINNER cordwainer & Anna MITCHELL of Whitechurch 18-Jul-1757; Thomas LOVERIDGE blacksmith & Anne PALMER 28-Mar-1758; John BROOM cordwainer & Elizabeth PALMER 15-May-1758; James PALMER husbandman & Betty HUSSEY of Thorncombe 18-Jun-1758; Joel LOVERIDGE blacksmith & Ann GLEMSTER of Thorncomb 05-Feb-1759; John EARL husbandman & Mary PALMER 06-Feb-1759; William STOODLEY husbandman & Jane PAUL 03-Jul-1759; Rufus WHITE husbandman & Sarah JESS 01-Sep-1759; Nathaniel WOODMAN butcher & Rachel AMOR of Chardstock 18-Feb-1760; Stephen PALMER husbandman & Jenny STOCKER 20-Apr-1760; John REAY of Combe St.

Nicholas & Martha EARL 23-Feb-1762; Joshua CASE potter of Whitchurch Canon & Anna SEALL 03-May-1762; John ORCHARD husbandman & Sarah HART 08-May-1762; Samuel GUPPY twine spinner & Mary GREGORY 08-Jun-1762; Joseph NORMAN shereman & Jane PAFFERY 12-Oct-1762; Edward ENTICOTT mason of Axmnster & Jenny BEVIS 15-Feb-1763; Samuel LORING clothier, widower, & Elizabeth BOWDITCH of Axminster, co.

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