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Need some help figuring out how to take a break with your partner?Call, chat or text with a loveisrespect advocate any time, 24/7!Many men and women complained that their dates were not encouraging, sympathetic or understanding. Even in a bad relationship it’s easy to tell yourself you can work it out.

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Maybe there are too many other things going on in your life, maybe you and your partner just can’t get on the same page about something, or maybe you just need some space and time to yourself.

A break can be a chance to gain some clarity about a relationship, or about yourself and what you want.

Both men and women discovered that, as the relationship progressed, their attitudes, beliefs, values, or interests simply did not jive.

Whether it involved deeply held religious convictions or something as seemingly frivolous as an unmatched sense of humor, lack of similarity was a commonly cited reason for breaking up.

Maybe you’d like to: Whatever you choose to do, remember that this time is about you and what you need.