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She smiled "I know Billy is small but he is very attractive, Wendy." I laughed "My mother always said he was too pretty to be a boy." Edith looked serious. I remembered he seemed enthralled as he examined it in detail in front of my husband. Then he told Billy to pull my panties down to my knees so that he could see my vagina.Billy did exactly as he was told and Bob took a picture of me standing there.Two pretty little girls for us." Just thinking about it made me flow.


This story is a total fantasy and there is no under age naughtiness or cruelty whatsoever.

***** Although we had made tentative plans for my husband Billy to take me up to Uncle Bob's flat whenever he sent for me, it looked as if Bob had second thoughts as the following week he didn't say anything to Billy.

Bob was right you have become his big little girl." I laughed. It was the first time she had said anything as direct as that. The fact that Billy actually took the picture himself simply emphasized my husband's total complicity. "But you did say that you and Uncle Bob didn't do it any more with you Aunty." She was very honest "Yes that is quite right Wendy. I thought he would and I knew that Billy would be so embarrassed but wondered if the excitement might be too much for him. "We could make him into a proper girl if you like Wendy with a lovely dress and a nice girly hair piece." I gasped. He said he wanted to see it properly." "Did you object to him pulling your panties down, Wendy? He said it looked very pretty." I was very curious now.

Over the years we have probably become too familiar. "No I didn't mind him doing that at all." I said, "What did he say about it Aunty?

We still love each other very dearly and we like talking about things though, and especially about you and Billy." I felt better in myself now and I confessed "I like being a naughty girl Aunty and Billy wants me to be naughty with Uncle Bob again. Do you ever think of letting him wear more of your clothes Wendy? I knew about his secret thoughts and had often pictured him in one of his fantasy roles. "Well we could put him in a pretty brassiere Wendy. " She spoke quietly "He said you had a very pretty vagina.