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Yes indeed i was 18 my girl did not have a pakamac. I asked her if she would wear one if i bought it for her she said yes. Heart pounding i watched as she put the mackintosh on and pulled the belt tight.

Then it was arms round her lots of cuddles and kiss mackintosh rustling and the aroma that comes from a new plastic mac.

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In the meantime, I will keep searching for those cherished gems from Chadderton....... I have just discovered the site and have very much enjoyed reading all the comments with interest bringing back old memories of when I was taken to get fitted for school rainwear or my sisters .

In west London where I lived there were two shops that specialised in school uniforms one for boys and gents and the other for girls and both fully stocked pakamac plastic and nylon raincoats which were compulsory then at most schools in the area.

When plastic macs reappeared with a vengeance, in the late 70s, the attached hoods were one of the most attractive features.

For my part, I love attached hoods as they make the items so much more alluring.

However, the whole leafy area remains my favourite haunt for outdoor macking.