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Marion’s home was about five blocks from Rhona’s, leaving Rhona to walk the remaining distance alone. She was partially dressed and had been sexually assaulted and strangled.At around AM, a neighbor of Duncan’s reported being woken up to the loud voices of a man and a woman. Investigators interviewed family, friends, and acquaintances and compiled a list of suspects.

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Kelly was seen driving away from her residence with this man. On June 28, her body was found in the Chin Lake reservoir outside of Lethbridge, which is approximately 130 kilometers (80 mi) from Standard.

She was fully clothed, her body tied to cinder blocks and tossed into the water.

Her friends later told police that she’d planned to hitchhike to a party. The following day, a man walking his dog found her body. Police believed she was killed at another location and then moved to the gravel road.

On further investigation, police thought that her death was connected to another homicide, that of Melissa Ann Rehorek.

On February 25, 1977, Barbara Jean Maclean was at Highlander bar for a night out with her friends and boyfriend.