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A lover who isn't still angry with her ex-husband, last boyfriend, or men in general. A sweetie who likes to rock to the oldies, can still boogey, and isn't self-conscious doing it.

I have it, but still need an occasional push out the door. A "juicy" honey, with a sexual edge, who knows that Boomer sex is less about piston-pounding and more about passion. A sweetheart who goes to bed exhausted from actually living life. Boomer women in particular should have a sense of equality, and equal means equal. I get that you're pissed off, but I need to know where that's coming from.

As a writing instructor, I had an ironclad rule (unarticulated, of course! An editor taking the course wrote some poignant essays about his son's wedding, becoming a grandfather and learning to live alone. Think about splitting the rental of a group ski lodge or beach house.

I waited until after the last session, then made my move: "If you sell any of those pieces," I told him, "I hope you'll let me know. you can get in touch even if you don't sell them." He called the next week, and we went out until I discovered he wasn't exactly living alone. It's a great way to meet like-minded people — provided, of course, you like skiing or the beach!

Both were committed to their jobs, so they kept things secret for nearly a year, sitting apart at meetings and commuting to work separately — even after they had moved in together!