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Fassbender may have avoided the Golden Globes and a flurry of think pieces, but allegations of domestic abuse have silently trailed him in recent years.

The domestic abuse allegedly occurred in 2010, just two years before Fassbender made his article, “Fassbender on Fire,” chronicled the German-Irish actor’s meteoric rise, noting that, while “the projects started pouring in from top-flight directors” around 2009, it wasn’t until 2011 that Fassbender had his “real introduction to fame.” The 2012 profile continued, “One of the most gifted actors today, the star of profile goes one step further, positing that Fassbender’s career has been characterized entirely by personal and professional success.

Andrews alleged she went to bed but Fassbender continued partying until the wee hours before returning to their hotel. drunk and they tried to get into bed with me,” Andrews noted in her petition, adding that she checked into another room, apparently to catch some sleep away from them.

The next morning, Andrews returned to wake Fassbender for a panel.

It only takes a simple Google search to find the TMZ bulletin that vividly chronicled Fassbender’s alleged abuse.