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Be2 dating is a dating site to be avoided at all costs.

The company is fake and fraudulent, and will steal money from your bank account because they don't give you clear information in their terms and conditions. I know many people who have found their partners through online dating sites. Having said that, a single female work colleague and I had a discussion at work one day, (me being single also) and pondered over whether we could ever find our ideal guys, given the fact that we were always too tired after work to bother going out to meet someone.

I can't say I'm unhappy being single, I've got plenty going on in my life to keep me happy, and I'm certainly not lonely, but I thought it would be nice to meet a like-minded guy, with whom I could share a friendship.

I was on a certain social networking site one day when an ad caught my eye, reading along the lines of 'Find love in your 50s'.

D’ailleurs, cet article n’est ni injurieux ni diffamatoire, cela montre qu’il est possible d’exprimer une opinion négative sans avoir recours aux invectives et aux affirmations calomnieuses (à bon entendeur).