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The one included with it is the one that was played by the current owner who hails from the Las Vegas professional scene.

For the full package, I'd recommend picking up the extra slide too.

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I sold this trombone in 2002 in order to fund my first Conn 88H after I fell in love with the Conn sound.

It's been well loved since then, serving its second owner well, who recently traded it in here at The Brass Ark to get something newer.

The OM was the mid grade and the BM was the higher grade.

My OM is a light weight dublin with nice grain under a dark stain, long metal tube extends from the stem up the shank to the very bottom of the bowl.

This pipe has on the bottom: BBB in a diamond Own Make (under the diamond) Made in England (to the right of the diamond) - "Made in" is in script and "England" is in block Thorneycroft (to the left of the diamond) BBB in gold diamond on top of the stem Can these be dated? John Must be a very interesting box you have Sorry, maybe someone else can help. Dunhill is the only brand I know of that actually dated their pipes going back over 80 years!