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During his trip to Beijing, Xiaofei was photographed leaving the hotel with a young and pretty woman.The duo was chatting happily and appeared to be very familiar with each other.

Little did Barbie expect that they would fall in love at first sight, and decided to get married on their fourth date.

Barbie also said, “I always have this thought that I want to have his child.” Barbie also shared that due to her age and busy lifestyle, she had difficulty conceiving.

Responding on the photograph, Barbie’s assistant said, “It was just a meal with friend.” Barbie’s mother also clarified and said, “She is a friend’s friend. Thank you.” Barbie was not afraid of the taboo of announcing her pregnancy too early and announced it when she had not even visited an obstetrician.

Many have speculated that her early announcement was to divert the media’s attention from the scandal that had been plaguing her sister, Dee Hsu’s husband and father in-law.

Taiwanese tabloids claimed that Wang Xiaofei was secretly dating another woman while his pregnant wife, Barbie Hsu was staying in Taiwan.