Backdating rent

A rent subsidy is the difference between the market rent and the rent a tenant pays based on their household's assessable income and rent assessment rules.

FACS does not pay the rent subsidy to the tenant but deducts it straight from the market rent.

FACS has the authority to grant a rent subsidy under the provisions of the .

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It does this by comparing the characteristics of each property, such as suburb, property type, age, number of bedrooms, yard, cladding and type of parking space to a benchmark property.

FACS also groups suburbs into a smaller number of benchmark localities, or markets, to ensure that rent variances within a suburb are minimised.

Assessable incomes are incomes that FACS includes when calculating a tenant's eligibility for a rent subsidy and the amount of rent they will pay.

Income that FACS usually considers as assessable includes payments received for general living expenses, for example: For more information, go to rent assessment rules.

FACS calculates the income for self-employed clients by taking the gross income less legitimate business expenses.