Backdating documents legal

If it is a promissory note, compute the accrued interest prior to signing the note and include it in the principal amount of the note.

dating face - Backdating documents legal

Parties may be tempted to ‘back date’ the documents to when their plans were devised or agreed.

However doing so is at very least misleading and deceptive conduct (because the date of a document means the date that it is signed), and at worst may constitute criminal fraud.

Now, some customers have filed Under recent changes in the law, a bank cannot charge overdraft fees on debit purchases or ATM withdrawals unless the consumer specifically agrees.

Federal rules that took effect in 2010 no longer allow banks and credit unions to charge overdraft fees on ATM or debit card transactions unless the bank customer agrees to "opt-in" to overdraft protection.

For example, although the sale of a business could be conducted entirely without writing, the parties will be required to submit a notice (in South Australia called a ‘71E Statement’) to their State Revenue authority about the sale and pay Stamp Duty on the sale as if a document had been drawn.