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Source – author photo, Edgar – late 1950s Renata died on September 29, 1943, a victim of breast cancer.

Her husband, Erich, moved to a small home on the Pioneer Orchards farm next to Renata’s Nieman cousin whose wife became a surrogate mother to Glenrose.

27, 1940 Left to right: Glenrose Heckendorf, Ruth Pfohl, Sylvia Graese, Marcella Lueder, Ronald Pfohl, and Vivian Graese with Augusta in her wheelchair in the back ground.

The Depression was a severe trial for Augusta and her family.

Gerald became a salesman of and mechanic for John Deere farm implements with G. Source – author photo, Gerald lived to the age of 92, dying in 2004 Harold married Marion Bremer, who was a great granddaughter of Johann and Minna Lueders, Jr.