Attractive women intimidating other women

The truth is, attractive girls like her really aren’t that special. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that society objectifies women for their looks.

I’d take a fun girl with average looks over a boring model any day of the week – and so should you. We can talk about equal rights all day long, but the truth is simple: a woman’s physical appearance is her social currency; the source of her of value, much like a rich and powerful man.

Guys want to sleep with her; both sexes want to be around her.

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But are men really intimidated by strong, smart and successful women?

Obviously, all men are different, and to generalize an entire gender would be wrong.

So don’t buy into the hype and don’t be a lemming; refuse to put beauty on a pedestal just because everyone else does. This doesn’t just apply to women – this applies to everyone.

Like I said at the beginning, lots of guys freeze up when they see a girl they really like. In the end, the only thing that matters is how we can make each other feel.

There will always be men, regardless of how much the times change, who hold up the male chauvinism glory days of the 1950s as the golden social model.