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But every time I put it on I laugh, proof positive that my brain has -Harley Quinn-looking pouf skirt.

(I know, she wears underwear most of the movie, but you get my point.) For me, that dress simply reinforces that I may not act my age, but I can’t avoid aging.

I thought, now this is a makeover show not about a gimmick, but with a real purpose that can help women find something that they want, which is love.” First, Kelly gives the singles a style makeover then Simone offers up an online dating tutorial — with tips on writing a tagline for yourself, choosing the best lighting for your selfies and the must-have photos that should be in your profile.

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“After ‘What Not to Wear’ ended, I really needed a break from makeovers,” Kelly tells The Post.

“In talking to my single friends, I realized that the online dating world is crazy and women really needed help.

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