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Sorry if anyone feels cheated but real life does have to come first.

Suri's situation with Tom is heartbreaking," another source says, with the aforementioned friend maintaining, "It's enough to make you cry." Actually, it's pretty tear-inducing that the gossip media continues to focus on an innocent young child in this way.

While it would be hard to argue that their separation isn't upsetting, it is also disturbing that the tabloids continually exploit the situation. As part of that, the publication explains the bride-to-be was "slapped with a bizarre list of dos and dont’s ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry."Queen Elizabeth had "Kensington Palace minions hand-deliver" a "mile-long list of royal rules," relates the magazine, which reports that "if the fame-hungry 'Suits' star doesn't comply, she can kiss her May 19 wedding to Harry goodbye.""Though Meghan understands she must have a different public persona now, she was shocked at some of the restrictions.

And it's because Holmes' camp so much values and prioritizes Suri's privacy that no "friend" of hers would ever dare talk to magazines about her and Tom, Gossip Cop is told. They just seem too antiquated and ridiculous," admits a palace insider.