Android disable automatic updating for all apps

Originally Posted by speedlever I found this thread looking for a way to selectively disable auto-update.Up until a day or two ago, I found the same thing - I could hit the soft menu button in the Play Store, and there would be an option to check or uncheck Auto-Update for that specific App.

How can I hide or otherwise prevent these few apps that I do not want to update from being in the play store update list?

As it is now, I have to selectively update each individual app from the list, skipping the few apps I do not want updated. Originally Posted by implodeme It used to be the market would separate apps that were approved for auto update from those that had disabled auto update set.

Menu: My Apps Under Installed, locate any app that you wish to change and select it, this opens the App Details page. Still trying to confirm this condition: Seems that if you manually update an app that is not set to auto-update, it will possibly reset the auto-update flag to 'Enabled' Hi!

Sorry to bump this old thread, but I am kind of fighting with a similar issue, my problem is, the apps I don't want to auto update are google apps(Keep/Youtube/Gtalk), which are replaced by black counterparts from Team Blackout(with exception of Gtalk, I just don't like Hangouts) and of course there is no "disable auto update" option with google system apps.

So, can you tell me how to disable automatic updating on apps?