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Sony’s weather sealing can’t stand up to Canon or Nikon’s when it comes to their camera bodies. Take a lot of their mirrorless technology, crash it into a DSLR body, and then add more buttons and dials and you’ve got something like this.

One of the nicest things about the a99 II is the addition of a joystick for picking an autofocus point–which the a7 series desperately needs.

The Sony a99 II is a camera packed to the brim with technology.

If you’re not convinced by the high megapixel full frame sensor, then you’ll be shocked to know it’s also capable of shooting sports and fast motion very well with its highly improved autofocus system. I had less than a month of time with the Sony a99 II.

Located close to the harbour in Naples and the famous Maschio Angioino, the Hotel Romeo was designed by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange.