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Also odd that first call used 952-500-xxxx since my phone number start with that too.2 days ago Unsafe, Spam extended vehicle warranty, Our records indicate that your vehicles warranty is about to expire.

When some one finally picks up they ask for the make, model of vehicle.

Then they say you only have 24 hours before the cops come.


Honestly, I’d barely remember what I’d write 24 hours after it’s posted.

Thankfully, I’m sure they won’t get through a line of that long essay.

She has this fair skin, but her neck, knuckles, elbows, knees, feet, and maybe the back of her ears look much darker.

If you’re just looking for a short fling, it’s the perfect bait.

Call from Anchorage, AK / Alaska Page Navigation & White Page Directories: 90724800 90724805 90724810 90724815 90724820 90724825 90724830 90724835 90724840 90724845 90724850 90724855 90724860 90724865 90724870 90724875 90724880 90724885 90724890 90724895 Caller tried selling me an extended factory warranty on my car, but the very first thing he did was ask me to "confirm" year, make, and model of car before proceeding, but when I told him that he should already have that information because that is what supposedly prompted him to call me, he promptly ended the call.