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The western portion contains notably fertile soils, yielding abundant crops of kafir-corn, milo-maize, cotton, wheat, oats, peaches, and alfalfa.

Deposits of salt, clay, and gypsum occur in this area.

The eastern and northern part, where the rainfall reaches from forty to fifty inches annually, are suitable for rice culture, which is localized there; in the central portion along the coast where the rainfall is less, sugar-cane, fruit, and "truck" are extensively cultivated, while in the southwest, with a rainfall of only 20 to 28 inches annually, cotton culture and "cattle raising on the range" are the chief industries.

Different climatic conditions with respect to rainfall vary the products of different parts of this region.

It has a broad plain where it enters the state, but descends into an inaccessible caƱon as it approaches the Rio Grande.