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The rules of the game are simple, while on a video call, neither participant are allowed to talk, so they must type what they want to say.

I sorely wanted to partake in that feast of colorful pies, I coveted the vast array of odd mischief-causing gadgets the Lost Boys had invented, and I was prone to random bouts of yelling “Bangarang!

The funny thing is, this seems to be a common experience among those around my age (okay, maybe not the couch-jumping).

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    one night before I left town, when I knew nothing about them, except, they were cute, they were members, and they were in the same place I was, and I wanted to know more about them. Many I didn’t have enough in common with them to stay in touch, but I discovered that due to my many varied interests, I had at least something in common with everyone I ever met, even when they were not members and I met them in other ways, but I still knew very little to nothing about them.

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