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Buying concessionary tickets for ferries is possible, but staff tends to watch what kind of token you use.Fares for ferries to the Outlying Islands are often paid at a counter, therefore no possibility for adjusting the amount of money you pay.We want to have a good relationship with our daughter-in-law but are worried that this will always be an issue between us.

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When she was in China for several months with our grandson, visiting her parents, establishing his Chinese citizenship, and waiting for her visa interview, she had to take our grandson to the hospital. Since returning, we've urged them to get documentation from the hospital so that we and her parents can get partially reimbursed for our money through our son's medical insurance.

To make a long story short, they had $3,000-$4000 worth of doctor bills. Our daughter-in-law can't be bothered to get this documentation.

Police in Hong Kong seems to be cooperative, so if confronted they might be eager to compromise with you as well.

My wife and I are having a major problem with our daughter-in-law. We spent almost $400 on groceries, baby items, and personal items for our daughter-in-law.

The local Indiana girls were marrying American men from poorer backgrounds or staying single...were often the ones staying on the farm or near the farm and actually taking care of their parents.//// I would say you need to count your lucky stars that the girl your son married has parents who can afford a private hospital in China, and that she is prescient enough to secure Chinese paperwork for her son. I would say it's very rude to ask for money back if you were just shopping for stuff for your newborn grandson...concept is that you are supposed to thank THEM and thank her especially because that is the next in your paternal lineage.