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puffy white duvets and pillows of very fine mako cotton, with a 90% down filling... Pillow top queen-sized bed, 62 inches x 77 inches (with optional twin-bed configuration) 12. Storage / drawers (credenza not visible from this perspective) 14.

100% cotton blankets, temperature balancing and so soft to the skin... Full-size bathroom featuring enhanced lighting, additional storage and a hair dryer 9. 32” LED TV (on credenza below; not visible from this perspective) Additional Amenities Special Solo Traveler Savings – No Single Supplement in Category 1: On all departures, the single price in Category 1 is the same as the double price – no single supplement, which means savings of up to 50% for solo travelers!

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Twiggs presented the idea to Puig-Suari in the summer of 1999 and then at the Japan-U. Science, Technology and Space Applications Program (JUSTSAP) conference in November 1999.

The term "Cube Sat" was coined to denote nanosatellites that adhere to the standards described in the Cube Sat design specification.

Indescribable Comfort We couldn’t find just the right words to describe the sumptuous new bedding and amenities we custom ordered for your in-cabin cruising comfort...

400-thread-count satin bed linens made from the finest combed cotton... Minibar stocked with complimentary water and soft drinks, replenished daily 11.

Many Cube Sats are used to demonstrate spacecraft technologies that are targeted for use in small satellites or that present questionable feasibility and are unlikely to justify the cost of a larger satellite.