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Red Mage is first in line to raise any fallen party member in order to save the healers their much needed MP and Swiftcasts. These are movement o GCDs that compliment your melee combo well.

The most practical use for this is casting it while the boss is untargetable in order to gain the effect of Dualcast and immediately hit the boss with a Veraero/thunder once it is targetable again. Due to the fact that we can use this with Dualcast we can throw out many raises in quick succession, effectively making Red Mage the most useful caster for progression.

Effect is canceled upon execution of any action other than an ability. To clarify, any o GCDs and Battle Actions (gimble in OS2) will NOT cancel Dualcast. Use Mana Shift on the Bard to extend Foe Requiem in the opener, or after Foe Requiem has ended in order to have the next Foe Requiem happen sooner.

Sprint, item usage (potions), and mount summons WILL cancel Dualcast. During progression use this on your healers to help recover from mistakes.

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