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Music can be any sort of "organized sound." Usually music has rhythm and melody.

So if you sing a few words, does that mean you wrote a song? If you write down what you sing, record it, or remember it in your head so that you can sing it pretty much the same way every time, then congratulations, you wrote a song! Do you need to be able to read or write music notation? Written music is just one way to remember how a song goes. That's what I do, and it's an easy way to remember your song!

Polly Reads and Writes (some countries may use downloads instead of CDs) Jump with Joey, for beginner students ages 6-9 can also be taught following the Fun with Flupe series.

This delightful course includes a 12-episode animated series that follows the adventures of Paul Ward and his friend Millie who help Kangi and her mischievous son Joey solve problems in Storyville.

A comedic story-line with original songs is threaded throughout the course.