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Lauderdale, FL – February 2015[chuck’s steakhouse]); Discover This: The Real Secrets to Exceptional Discovery Results – Interrogatories, Production, Admissions, Communication (2015 Paralegals at the Bench Bar Conference – March 2015); Pre-Suit: What’s It All About and Discovery – To Us/From Us (Paralegal Association of Florida’s 2016 Spring Seminar, Ft.

Lauderdale, Florida – May, 2016); Diagnosing the Problem: A Prescription for Enhancing the Medical Practice (while Reducing Malpractice) (Grand Rounds, Department of Anesthesiology, Ryder Trauma Center, Miami, Florida – May, 2016); Empowerment, What You Can Achieve in Your Professional Career!

You Can Have What You Wish For (Stranahan High School – Spring, 1998); Discover This: Advanced Discovery Strategies – Interrogatories, Production and Admission Requests (Paralegal Association of Florida, Broward Chapter CLE Dinner, Ft.

Lauderdale, FL – October 2014 [Coral Ridge Yacht Club]); Serving Winners: Enhancing Your Professional & Personal Success (2015 USPTA World Conference, New Orleans, LA – September, 2015); All About Appeals (Paralegal Association of Florida, Broward Chapter CLE Dinner, Ft.

Mager and his expert team also specialize in law firm and business development, which includes infrastructure development, attorney/firm evaluation (e.g., firm growth, revenue enhancement programs, lawyer performance, retention programs, motivational programs, individualized and group training, acquisition/mergers and due diligence, custom-tailored retreats, etc.), as well as overall financial planning/budgeting, cash flow enhancement, unique client generation techniques, lawyer and judge training and much more. Mager has also designed National/Regional Litigation Plans for large multi-billion dollar corporations which have yielded remarkable results. Over He has over 150 case summaries, articles and lectures to his credit, and has taught and lectured at law schools, Ph. He also has several book compilations to his credit and 3 motivational books.