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The boy, identified as "Suspect #2" in the Boston bombing, looked familiar, thought Payack, a wrestling coach at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.On the other hand, there were a million skinny kids with vaguely ethnic features and light-gray hoodies in the Boston area, and half the city was probably thinking they recognized the suspect.But all of a sudden, here's somebody from his past, a past that he liked, that he fit in with, and it hit a soft spot."When investigators finally gained access to the boat, they discovered a jihadist screed scrawled on its walls. government is killing our innocent civilians," he wrote, presumably referring to Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then he veered slightly from the standard script, writing a statement that left no doubt as to his loyalties: "Fuck America."n the 12 years since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, there have been more than 25 plots to strike the United States hatched by Americans, most of which were ill-conceived or helped along by undercover operatives who, in many cases, provided their targets with weapons or other materials.

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Qui si parte per un viaggio nel tempo: allacciate le cinture e non temete, non dubitate, non dubitate, non dubitate… 7 – Perché Beppe ha messo un pezzo della sua anima in questo libro 8 – Perché questo libro ha rubato un pezzo d’anima a Beppe.

9 – Perché, se vi fidate, è un capolavoro di perfezione stilistica e di contenuto.

Il libro lo potete trovare presso la libreria GIUNTI AL PUNTO di Erba – Centro Commerciale I Laghi – Viale Prealpi n.